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Welcome to Huarache Sandals, your mini guide to huaraches, the famous sandals from Mexico. Huarache Sandals are a popular type of footwear that has evolved from the Native American (Indians) inhabitants of Mexico. In the last century this type of crossed or woven footwear was mixed with recycled automobile tire rubber soles to form the iconic huarache sandals we know today. Popular through the 60's as both surf and hippie sandals, they are still a popular sandal today both with Mexicans and Americans alike. Today, with the renaissance of traditional culture and design, huaraches are available as the traditional handmade variety and as more modern interpretations using synthetic and modern materials. New designs, styles, patterns, and more are fueling the renewed interest in huaraches.

Mexican Sandals & Huaraches History

Huaraches have come a long way. Mexican Sandals have evolved from the peasant footwear worn by the early Native American Indians who lived throughout the Mexico region. From simple leather straps, they have split into the tire tread sandals as well as ultra modern footwear.

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Sandals from Mexico

More Information
Visit Huaraches.com, the Internet’s definitive source of information on huaraches, Mexican sandals, and related types of footwear.  Huaraches.com features informative guides, helpful tips and faqs, shopping resources and featured merchants, and other goodies for the huaraches enthusiast.

We've collected a few iconic samples of Mexican and Hippie Sandals.  Notice the woven leather upper, the recycled tire sole, and the classic colors of brown, red, and black. Pictures are available at the Huarache Gallery.

Best Sandal Shopping Deals
Typically you would need to go south of the border or to an open air flea market to find a pair of huaraches or Mexican sandals. Now many different types and interpretations are available online. We've collected some of the essential resources in your quest for the perfect pair of Mexican Sandals.

About Mexican-Sandals.com

>Mexican-Sandals.com is a dedicated to providing the best information on all types of Mexican Sandals as well as helpful tips, shopping resources, and more about huaraches. Mexican Sandals are growing in popularity once again with the beautiful warm weather, better vactioning around the world's hot beaches, and a renewed interest in new sandal designs based on traditional concepts.

Mexican Sandals is your guide to the world of Mexican Sandals, huaraches, hippie sandals, tire tread sandals, flip-flops, haviannas, and much, much more!

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